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I've been away for a while and come back to you looking for help. The company I work for decided that they wanted a website which I'm building (in flash). The problem is when looking for hosting for this site. I have never actually had to get hosting other than random free stuff like blogger. My question is which hosting companies are good? I know domain.com has a pretty nice hosting service for a decent price, I believe its the deluxe package. But I also saw that dreamhost has good options as well. As well as countless others.

If anyone could help out with input or personal experience I would really appreciate it.


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I can't tell you which firm to use, but having worked for an ISP I can recommend you ask the following questions:

What is our SLA (service level agreement)?

How many 9's am I paying for?

What technologies do you support?

We used to get people who were running businesses on the cheapest possible hosting solution and they had no recourse when the dodgy server they were hosted on died. Since there was no SLA and no guaranteed nines they were left hanging until we could be bothered to do anything.

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Sometimes can be difficult to find the right web hosting company. I think you would be better off, doing a bit of research around, in order to find the right one for you.

I know some computer warehouses near where I live, who run their own web serves. But you will have to be prepared to go down this path.

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