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Dear Everyone,

I has been planning and thinking over the last couple of days and have come to these conclusions.

1. I want to be apart of an active community online, where everyone collaborates and works together.

2. Wikipedia is a great option for me, but everyone is full of criticisms when ever I help edit a page, and they immediately change it back.

3. I am interested in Technology and the internet in general, and there is no wiki that.

4. The Hak5 Wiki is also a great option but doesn't seam active or updated, and the wiki software is not user friendly.

Also the wiki is very focused on things in the episodes, and nothing else.

-------THE WIKI PROJECT--------

**Note: This is in beta, please feel free to contact me @ quickcache@hotmail.com with questions or comments**

1. Create a better wiki setup, or create a new one.

2. fix or rebuild info from the old wiki, with the help from, experts, spell checkers, and simplifers.

3. Recruit new members, and add new relevant info, about anything seen in the shows or related to tech/hacking at all.

4. Continue to grow.


Possible issues

1. Copying and simplifying Wikipedia pages Yes: Adds contact and give this wiki a more personal/helpful feel.

NO: illegal or pointless

2. Number of required References? only 1 required: We don't need to know it's real, as long as it works/ fixes my issue/problem.

3. Tutorials on how to do "Illegal/hacking things" For example the Pandora time shifter is illegal because it's free music , but if we put warnings of "educational" only. Will be alright?


** If you have any questions/comments or want to help and have a hak5 account, please log in and respond!**

---If you don't have an account and are interested in any way, please sign up (it's free) or email me at quickcache@hotmail.com or visit my website @ quickcache.org.---

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