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Is Domain.com A Go?


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Hey guys :)

I have a question .. deuh :rolleyes:

I want to start a website/blog. Because everytime I see Domain.com on the show, I maybe consider of using it :)

I like the WordPress platform, using it at the moment on the wordpress.com servers, but I have some issues there with time outs and stuff, so yeah, not really the way I want to go. I see that Domain.com has a special WordPress plan, but it costs as much as the Linux Plan, so maybe it's better to go for the Linux Plan and install Wordpress afterwards, and I can chance the whole thing if I don't want WordPress anymore. What do you guys think? or do you think I should choose an other hosting company? I'm not gonna post here other companies right now because, there are so many!

How is the support and uptime with Domain.com?

P.S: don't have an domain name, so I'm buying that too :)

Thanks :lol:

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You're right, there are loads. You're a home site so there should be no real traffic right now. Depends how flush you are with cash, do you need the best deal or something that just works?

Seeming this technically isn't the official site, we should rank sponsors. One that sticks out is cachefly, no lonher a sponsor but they get the thumbs up from me.Godaddy not so much. I know there are plenty places in the UK with better prices, but are domain.com just domain names or hosting?

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Not to expensive, not 100 dollars if the most other hosting plans are 50 dollars you know :-P

But it has to work, uptime must be good ... 99% ;)

Decent support, SQL support, php, maybe cgi and Python (but the last 2 are not a must).

Domain.com is both hosting and domain names :)

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Go with Dreamhost, you get unlimited hosting for multiple sites under one account, shell access, databases,etc, and 1 click WordPress installs all for about $100/yr. Use a coupon code(I think there is still a hak5 code too), get your domain name for free or a discount on the hosting. Additional domain names are like $9/year and you only pay for hosting once + whatever cost per domains you register.

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