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Ubuntu Lucid Lynx Video Issue


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Well I have tried this question over at ubuntuforums, however it has not gotten any responses. Has anyone been using Lucid Lynx and noticed something weird when running xrandr without parameters?

I posted a youtube video of what occurs when I run it:

I used the following line to activate my external monitor and disable my internal one:

'xrandr --output VGA1 --auto --output LVDS1 --off'

Then, if I run 'xrandr' without any other parameters, it activates my internal screen (LVDS), makes that the primary monitor, and sets my external display to be an extended desktop. I also had this problem in Karmic, but it wasnt as bad. See, the same thing occurs if I run 'totem,' 'compiz --replace,' or 'wine,' which makes absolutely no sense.

And there's nothing out of the ordinary in the Xorg log.

Can anyone offer insight of what could be causing this?

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Have you tried the GUI screen configuration thing (System > Preferances > Display or similar)?

In 10.04, they renamed that to Monitors. That confused me at first. But yes, that works properly, as does 'xrandr' when you supply it with parameters. But it seems when xrandr goes to query to see what devices are attached, it actually ends up setting a resolution.

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