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Nokia E71


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So I'm on the crap 3 network in the UK for my E71. Coming to the end of my contract so ask the knob jockeys to unlock it, which they said they'd do. They give me a code and it fails. They give me another code and it fails again. They ask me to try again and it fails again now perma locking the phone to the 3 network (convenient considering my contract with them is expiring, bastards). I had told them I wanted to leave 3 at the end of the contract because their service is so shit. They blame Nokia for supplying them with non working codes.

So I ask them what are they going to do about it, replace the phone? No, nothing, they are going to do fuck all. So I'm left with a phone that is now perma locked to 3.

Does anyone know a way to unlock it without taking it to a local unofficial unlocking shop (I asked in the 3 store and they said they don't do that sort of thing and to call customer services. Which I told them I'd already done.). I'd rather not take it to an unofficial shop as you never know if they are going to clone it when they take down the IMEI number.

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Escalate to higher ups, email bomb the board members and consider a small claims court action (this is complicated by you leaving the network). However, there is no law regarding unlocking of phones, only OFCOM guidelines so you have no legal right here. You may just want to sell the handset if you get no action.

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