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[Version 1] Silent Ducky Communication

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I am not currently developing for the ducky so I do not have code to present, but I would like to point out how communication between pc and ducky is available.





Those are just a few examples of serial communication.

As for the computer side of the code, I have not looked far into. It is possible to receive and send serial commands through the arduino developers kit.

It would be simple to run a script, with the duck keyboard, to intercept the serial commands and also to send serial commands back to the ducky.

I am currently working on a different project which I do not want to discuss atm.

Good luck to developers. I hope this helped.

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Ok, if we get the ducky to download a script that would keylog the computer, what does the ducky still have to do with it? At present, it doesn't have any onboard flash that we can write to, so then the script has to do everything.

Its a good idea, and I can think of a few projects that this would come in very handy.

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