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[Version 1] Standard Led Payload Notification


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Later on down the line I think we should come up with some form of standard LED payload notification, maybe something along the lines of:

Green blinking: working

Solid green: payload executed

Solid red: payload failed (write to log)

If anyone else can think of any other states please add to this and I'll get the ball rolling.

How we go about this is another mater, I've a few ideas.

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It could be done, but only if you make the teensy download another executable and execute it.

I've done this myself, i wrote a program that calls everything and provides error handling, make the teensy download it over ftp, execute it, then listen for data over hid, then if everything goes successfully my program sends a "0" over hid and it's displayed green, if not it sends "1" and then its displayed red.

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