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Jasager/pineapple Wireless Drops After Period Of Time

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Has anyone experienced an issue with their Fon/Pineapple dropping wireless completely after a few minutes? Wondering if mine is defective and needs to be sent back or reflashed? On several systems I can see the SSID I set being broadcasted and then after a few minutes (random time differences) it falls off the radar, yet I can still reach it from the Ethernet side.

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Yea, it's intermittent. I've moved off Windows 7 for any test cases and just on Ubuntu now. So far it seems a bit more stable. One issue I did find, diff topic and a new thread perhaps, is the ICS for Windows 7 blows and jacks up the Jasager with them both fighting for authoritative DHCP. No issues on Ubuntu for any of the tests I've done so far for this. Thanks for the replies.

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