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Securitytube Tools Launched!

Vivek Ramachandran

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Dear All,

We are excited to launch a brand new section - SecurityTube Tools!


ST Tools is a collaboratively edited community wiki which aims to list all the security and hacking tools out there. We have already listed over 280+ popular tools and need your help in building this index further and making it useful to everyone.

Why did we start ST Tools?

Though there are a couple of sites which maintain lists of tools, we feel the amount of information available there is limited. In most cases, it is just a 1-2 line description.

ST Tools changes all this and aims to provide more useful information to the reader. For every tool listed on our site, the following information is given:

1. Description of the Tool: Short summary of the tool's functionality

2. Details:

* Website :

* Discussion Forum :

* Mailing List :

* Platforms :

* License :

* Author :

* Contact Email :

3. Sample Usage : Screenshot or Text dump of the tool's usage or help pages

4. Tutorials and Demos : Links to Text and Video tutorials

5. Supporting Links : Links to documentation

6. Books : Links to books if applicable

We have already populated most of this information for over 280+ tools. A sample tool's page would look like this: Nmap Tool Page http://tools.securitytube.net/index.php?title=Nmap

How can you help us?

You can help us by adding your tool if you are an author, or by adding other's tools if you use and like them. If you would like to add a tool, please read the Submission Process page first. Also, a lot of details for existing tools might be missing. We would request you to help us correct them.

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Great stuff, just some of the tools I was looking for.

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