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Android Phone Battle Go!


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Hero - Best of the 1st gen Android phones (I own the EU version). Spoilt by HTC's shitty update policy re: 2.1 update.

HTC EVO 4G - An Android version of the Touch HD2, nice but your kinda locked into one network atm.

Nexus One - Googles current baby, get this if you want the latest versions of Android asap, otherwise look at the HTC Desire if your in the EU (but beware the slow updates).

Droid - Looks nice, but slower than the rest of the 2nd Gen devices.

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Well I'm in the states and all the carriers suck. the short version is no matter what phone you get, you have to keep it on that network for one reason or another...

I have AT&T and their customer service is lacking so im really not into paying $600 for a Nexus One

as for the HTC Desire, is that EU only?

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You could buy an network free (we call them sim free in the UK) phone, I only buy these as it makes the reuse value higher, but they are more expensive.

The Desire lacks the US 3G radio bands, so it would work but you would be limited to EDGE and Wifi for data. The Nexus One is practically the same device, but has the US 3G Bands. I think the Nexus One is due out on Verizon soon though.

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