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Backtrack4 And Fon+ Ics Problems

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I just got my Fon+ device, its Firmware version was 1.1.1 r2. I use http://www.gargoyle-router.com/download.php Fon flash program and Jasager firmware downloaded fro digininja.org.

It was really easy to get jasager to my Fon+ .

Now my problem is how to use BackTrack4 to share WLAN connection to Fon+.

I'v tried some of these guides, but when I ssh to my fon+ (using another laptop connected using wireless) and I run "ifconfig" it seems that it doesnt get ip address. Also it cant ping.

I have tried http://www.hak5.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=15185 and some other guides .

However my Fon+ works well when I connect it directly to my router.

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I mean that when I use another computer that have connected to OpenWtr wlan then Ican ssh to Fon+

So I can get Fon+ working, when I connect it to router.

I want to connect Fon+ to BT4 laptop and then connect to internet

target -> Fon+ -> BT4 laptop -> internet

and when that target is connected to Fon+ it can ssh to fon+.

I tried this using Ubuntu (gnome) Connection works really well. I did it using gnomes networkmanager ang then I add a new wired connection. I set it to use eht1 and from ipv4 settings to be shared connection.

Its great that this works well, but I want to do it in BT4 - can I use gnomes NetworkManager Applet 0.7.996 in BT4 (KDE) It seems that I cant get gnomes network manager to KDE.

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Pass. As soon as you start getting the GUI apps involved I step out, they do some funky black magic which I never trust so will only work from the command line.

Are you wanting to set up a bridged or routed connection? If routed then you are probably missing the NAT iptables rule, bridging probably the bridge setup.

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Well I want to do it without GUI, but its a lot easyer that way.

I actually dont know how I want to share my internet connection in BT4 (I thinh that what I have tried is routed)

How should I do it. I tried to use that script but it didnt work for me.

If someone have done this with BT4 please tell me how you did it.

Hi I just installed Ubuntu next to BT4 and I can easily use internet connection sharing with fon+

Now I add BT4 repos to Ubuntu and Im installing some tools to Ubuntu.


Hi I got this working with Ubuntu using GUI apps.

My only question now is I can connect to pineapple to turn Karma on. I can do it when Im connected to pineapple using WLAN.

But when Im sharing internet connection from WLAN to ETH0 to pineapple My eth0 IP and pineapples IP

So how I can connect to pineapple using eth0 connection.

When Im connected to to pineapple using WLAN its ip is and when i connect to

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