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How To Find Hidden Images!


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yesterday was a nice day!!! nice weather everything was perfect.

i had a friend come over and he had a few images i wanted to copy to my harddrive.

so i did.. and hid them somewhere so that no one could find them...

no is the problem i forgot where.......

so i started looking... found alot but not the images i wanted..... :blink:

so i used the search engine... and made it look for hidden files and folders

unfortunately it shows alllllllll my images.. and that is about 100 gb of images...

my question was: is there a way to just view hidden images only

i know there is a program called : Show hidden files

but this programs doesn't show images...

plz if know something let me know :rolleyes:

grtz from holland!!!

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Have you tried doing a search throughout your computer, using the built in windows search functionality. You might also wanna try using something like this, when doing the search *.png, .jpg.

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open a command prompt and make sure you are in desktop path. for example:

(vista and 7) cd c:\users\sigonon-name\desktop\

(XP, etc) cd c:\documents and settings\sigon-name\desktop\

Then do:

"dir c:\*.jpg /AH /S > hidden-jpgs.txt"

"dir c:\*.png /AH /S > hidden-pngs.txt"

"dir c:\*.gif /AH /S > hidden-gifs.txt"

"dir c:\*.bmp /AH /S > hidden-bmps.txt"


You then have a list for each file type, and can be done not just for images, but any file type you want that is hidden. The /AH is to list all files with the attribute Hidden and /S is all subdirectories.

You may want to run the cmd prompt as administrator on Vista or 7 though since YMMV depending on yoru security settings, you may not be able to access certain paths and folders if not set to run as administrator.

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