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Whats A Good Hackable Gadget For $50


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Hackable is a loose term. Most any device has some moddable/hacking value. Just look at the things people made with the generation 1 Gameboys. Google maps, GPS, mp3 player, etc. I would start with having an idea of what you want as an end device to do first, then search for things to mod to that need. Might make it easier to decide what to buy.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I opped with a zipit, however i also picked up a "NPower fusion."

General Info: http://hunterdavis.com/archives/385 (hunterdavis ftw!)

Anyway, im awaiting for them both to arrive. But the NPower seems cool, when i get it ill attempt to port meboy (http://arktos.se/meboy/) to it, $20 Gameboy color anyone?

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