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Toshiba Laptop Problem


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I am working on a laptop for a client, it is a Toshiba Satellite M115-S3094. The display was not turning on and plugging an external monitor in didn't fix the problem either. I figured it was a motherboard problem since the external display wasn't working with it so I ordered them a new motherboard. I installed the new motherboard and still nothing. So I'm thinking now maybe the display inverter is the problem but wouldn't the external display still work even if the display inverter is the problem?

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To enable the external display, usually there is an "Fn", or function key you press at the bottom left corner in combination with one of the numbers at the top row of the keyboard. Usually, its like FN+4, FN+2 or something like that. There should be a little icon on the key that looks like a Monitor in the same color as your Fn key.

If there is no screen on boot then I imagine you aren't seeing a post screen as well? So no bios or hardware stuff on booting. You can try a flashlight at the side of the screen on boot to see if there is anything visible, but you should at some point hear windows or something after it boots or you can try to login blindly to get a windows startup sound.

If that doesnt work, not sure what else to try but you should have researched a little more before spending on the mobo. The other one may have been fine.

Make sure the customer is using the correct power cable too, cause if they are using the wrong one for the inverters wattage and voltage, it may power on the laptop, but burn out the inverter for the screen and possibly something on the mobo.

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