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Tapatalk is a forum app for iPhone. Sorry if this is in another feed but I'm on my phone and forums arnt too pleasant on this.

Just wondering if hak5 is supported by it before I buy this?

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I've never heard of this, so I will hazard a guess and say no, currently its not. However, I see it supports Android and these iPhone thingys seem quite popular, I will set it up as and when.

Edit: "IPB (Invision Power Board) will also be supported in Februray 2010 time-frame" - We use IPB here, so when this is supported, I will look into enabling it. This is reliant on the Tapatalk team however.

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Cool. sounds great - as soon as they're done would be great to access the forum, and im sure the rest of the forum will agree.

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Problems with Tapatalk:

Forum registrations fail when I try and register

IPB plugin still not released

I understand this thread is a little....dated, but Tapatalk has been compatible with IPB for a little bit. I'm a member of two forums who use it, and browse three or four other IPB forums as well. Any progress on adding the plugin? More info can be found here. http://tapatalk.com/activate_tapatalk.php?plugin=ipb

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