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Force Applications To Use A Proxy


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Hi all,

I work in Windows Admin and unfortunately we have a proxy server (with authentication) here for internet. I was wondering if there's a way that I can force applications that need web access to use this proxy - as you know most apps have configuration / settings that you can edit in order to use the proxy - but some don't and here's my problem. Does anybody know a way to create like a virtual router that routes all internet traffic from one or all applications over a proxy??

I hope I make sense.

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I use FreeCap to great effect portable from my UFD. Once I establish my portable SSLvpn tunnel back to home with the Free Barracuda running on an NLSU2 with debian flashed on to it as per These instructions. I just fire up FreeCap with its sock settings to the standard localhost:1080 and add apps to the window. Most ports the app will use are redirected via FreeCap through 1080 through the tunnel then on my home server out through a proxy like cproxy. Apps that work are Filezilla(portable) and IM(portable clients. Skype(portable) dont work as it tries too many cleaver tricks of its own to tunnel out of LANs.

This setup can tunnel out of all corporate & skool networks I have come across.

-All Free Apps! and the NSLU2 cost me 35£ on ebay.

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proxifier hooks the entire OS and lets you specifiy either SOCKS4/5 or HTTP proxies (with auth)

this should be sufficient for requirements.


This works a treat with my SSH tunnel! Thanks Bruk0ut! ... But it costs ~$40 :-(

Anyone know how to do it manually on a Unix system? --> I use a MacBook Pro and tunnel all my data to/through a VPS.

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proxifier NICE ill try this out !

After trying it out I bought it for 39$ !! this is great for flash etc apps that wont listen to proxy settings and its all auto magic PORABLE and you don't need ADMIN !!! @#%ing badass ...

not sure if there are any M$ apps out there that are easer to use and free ... I have to say this app is may new fav app on my usb stick !

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