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As stated in the description, I'm trying to get a little more knowledge on CDMA (as used in mobile phone providers like Verizon Wireless).

I currently have the DROID by Motorola running on the Verizon network. Because I don't really care nor had interest at the time in mobile networks, I was unaware Verizon ran on the CDMA system as opposed to using SIM cards. What I had originally wanted to do was jailbreak an iPhone and swap SIM cards from my DROID into the iPhone. Unfortunately I can't do this, as obvious as it is.

How does CDMA work? Is it some sort of firmware you need to install? Or is it a type of card built into the phone itself?

Would it be at all possible to transfer CDMA data to a jailbroken iPhone (if possible to get CDMA)?

Thank you very much! :)

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I myself am not entirely sure how it works, but found these websites that can provide some insights on how this cell phone technology really works.



Hope this helps.

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CDMA uses a different type of radio module from GSM, and although it supports R-UIM cards, I understand that the US networks don't use them. The main difference from an end user POV is that a GSM phone number is tied to the SIM, meaning it can be used in any phone, where as the CDMA number is tied to the phone itself. Globally, only parts of Asia and N. America use CDMA, the rest of the world uses GSM/EDGE/UMTS, in Europe CDMA is not deployed as the EU standardized on GSM (as it is an international standard rather than a propitiatory system).

In your case, there is no way to use the iPhone on a CDMA network, you will need to purchase a SIM for another network. Also be aware that jailbreaking and unlocking are 2 different things.

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sorry this is a little off topic but in canada i am on bell and (as far as i know) it is CDMA and HSPA+ my galazy does have a sim card is this to do with the HSPA+ networks? also is HSPA+ GSM or something newer? my read up on google said it was the replacement to GSM and would allow 4G networks to be greated unlike current GSM networks.

Edit: Also for Bell share towers with Telus which is why they moved to HSPA+ to start with cause telus is moving.

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