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Pay-per-month Proxy Setup


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I've talked to quite a few friends at school and I think I've got at least 6-7 people that would all be willing to pay for an SSH tunnel proxy. It's looking like I'll most likely go with GoDaddy's Unlimited Plan for a few months (until school is out, probably). I'm thinking about maybe using a local or browser exploit if elevated privileges are needed (cmd, batch scripts, etc.), instead of giving out the Admin passwords. This will be rather effective because the computers are *never* updated. We're actually running IE 6 and Firefox 2.0 with Deep Freeze.

I need to find out how to restrict users to a single active login at a time to prevent them from just sharing the same user/pass... I will give them /bin/false as their shell, just in case somebody thinks they'll try to be funny with the server.

What do you all think of the idea? What else could/should I do?


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Wow, that's a hell of an unupdated computer. I guess that's what DeepFreeze is for!

What OS are the clients going to be using? If you just want an SSH tunnel, I think you can use putty to establish the tunnel, since it doesn't need admin rights to run. Would you use keys or just a regular password for their accounts?

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I want it to be as idiot-friendly as possible though. I also want it to be easy to use. I think I'll stick a ready to use portaPuTTY or KiTTY on the server so they can just download, select an option or two, click connect, and be good. I need to write a program or script that can change the Firefox and IE proxy settings, so the users won't have to do that either. As for authentication, I'll just be using whatever password they want.

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