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Custom "host" File For Firefox Portable?


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Is it possible to have a host file under FF portable?

I would like to get past a workplace content filtering system by plugging in the ip addresses for some blocked sites and I do have "standard" user (thanks group policy :( ) stats on the computers I will be using with FF portable.



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As far as I can tell there are no extensions that directly alter DNS lookup's within firefox. This is most likely because Firefox extensions cannot alter the way Firefox looks up hosts for the reason of security (sneaky extensions that change DNS results would be a nightmare). Providing this is the case (I'm not able to verify this, but it is a good design) it is not possible to have Firefox lookup host names within it's self. However, you could take the latest stable source code for Firefox and modify it a bit, I doubt it would take more than editing a single file in order to enable this functionality.

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I imagine you could carry something like privoxy and set filters for sites or something of that nature. Not sure if it can do full on dns mapping overrides though. I only ever used it with something like TOR or stand alone for ad blocking. Havent used it in years...

Alternatively, you can try PuTTy to create a tunnel and then proxy FF over PuTTy's tunnel and use OpenDNS for your lookups.

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