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Java || C++ Compiler For Windows Mobile 6.5

Ethan Hunt

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Hey guys,

Recently I came to a conclusion that I would benefit from being able to code on the go. Nothing too serious, just finishing CS homework when I find some free time and I'm not close to a PC or laptop. Tried Google but couldn't find anything concrete so I decided to ask here.

I'm primarily interested in a java compiler, but for the sake of curiosity I'd go for C, C++ or anything else that might be available out there somewhere.

I'm running Windows Mobile 6.5 so I'm looking for something having that in mind.

I honestly have no clue whether something like this exists but I'm totally interested in trying it out if it does. In case anyone has used such a thing, and/or has any info on where to continue my search please let me know.

Thanks in advance!

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Yeah, I can remote-login to my PC @ home. It's just that this would require a wireless connection or a GPRS (3G) connection. The first one might not be always available and the second one is just too damn expensive in my country so it's not really an option.

Either way, I was looking for a solution which doesn't require the use of an additional PC or laptop but just the cell-phone itself. You know, a solution for those times when I get mentally hit by the algorithm I was trying to solve for the past 3 days :)

So far my solution to the problem is taking notes, but I was hoping to go for something leeter :)

Thanks for your suggestion though! Keep em coming :D

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