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Use PHP to create standalone win32 application


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Hello guys

oh well - everything is summed up in the title.

did anyone try? how come that you can create a win32 application using php? :? I don't get it - don't you need a webserver to run a php code?

please share your experiences if you did try!

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Got a link or something?

PHP is a web-oriented scripting language. It can be used to do pretty much anything, but is designed to produce HTML output for a browser. On UNIX, if you install the php-cli package (or some such) you get the PHP binary that you can feed a file into and it will interpret it. If you enable support for misc binaries in Linux you can probably make your script run from the command line like a regular executable.

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You mean using the php gtk?

There is a nice little tutorial here:


The files aren't actually stand-alone, they are still interperated by php, but the gtk allows the files to be run without a web server.


so it's not like you can redistribuate the program... other clients must have the php interpreter installed?

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