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nexus one segment?


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i think darren should do a segment on nexus one rooting and loading a custom rom and turning the browser into a multi-touch browser. i did all this in about 15-20 min tops. the multi touch isnt as smooth as the iphone all the time but the nexus just came out like 2 weeks ago and they already have custom roms and tethering wired or wireless ( wireless can sometimes be flaky right now ).. but still this is a new phone with a newer android based OS i think showing people how to root it then drop a backup img on it then a custom rom then multi-touch shouldnt take more than 15-20 minutes in a segment and people always like seeing new $500+ phones having the warrenty voided in 15 seconds or less lol.. it actually tells you "using this will void your warrenty" its a pretty funny my friends were like "U did what to your new phone"

search um.. i think modaco nexus one roms.

you can find the instructions for the rest of the stuff just google it.

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