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Recoving Formatted Files?


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Quick format is the same as format, but it doesn't check for bad sectors. So I believe your files might have been formatted, but you should be able to get them back. I have a wonderful program you can use, I just used it to get some data back from "win 98 auto formatting" (don't ask). The program is by http://dtidata.com/, these people know there shit. It took me a while but I got ahold of the full version.

I just uploaded the program to simplefolder.com/Recover_It_Al_ Professional.exe

It's only like 400kb, and an amazing data recovery utility. Just wait for it to scan your whole hard drive and then browse around, select what you want and go to file -> copy to hard drive.

Best of luck,


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Yeah, it scans the whole drive, so if anything is there it will find it. Only problem is it takes a while. Copying over the files is extremely fast though. I hope you blocked the programs attempts to access the internet with your firewall? Sorry I didn't warn you, nothing special, but i believe it checks with their site for something.

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