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Building my first system


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I'm building a system for a friend and it's the first one I've ever built. It's a pretty basic config, but he really wants to go with windows 7 64 bit in order to get 4 gigs of ram. He does game some, but it's mostly going to be a general use system. I've never messed with x64 before, so I really don't know what I'm doing. Will all, or most, 32 bit programs work in x64?

Heres the mobo and processor, let me know if they will will be fine together and with 64 bit.



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First off your hardware picks. They will work just great with one another and if you look at the processor (and click specifications, just above the reviews) you will see that it says "64bit support: YES". Well done, no issues.

Aight, so you need to do a little more research on 64 bit operating systems. I found some that i think will do you some good.

Microsofts FAQ, It's incredibly short and answers a few important questions. (like software and driver compatibility)


A quick article on TechSpot about why 64 bit and not 32 bit. OR why 32 bit may not be a good option for a select few.


After reading those if they don't answer your questions, google it up and shoot us some more specific questions. Ok, one last thing. Lets say you read up and your like, "sweet 64 bit all the way!"

One last thing you will want to check is your mother board manufacturers website for drivers (and any other hardware you are adding). Whether these be 64 bit Vista or 7 and is everything going to go smooth. It's good to do the extra leg work now and plan things than to put all the hardware together, get all crazy stoked and find out the video card you bought doesn't play well with Windows 7 because they haven't released a compatible driver yet. Then you spend the next 6 months of your life checking the NVIDIA or ATI website hoping and praying that they release a good driver BUT since they have already come out with 3 new video cards in the past 6 months they dropped support for your card and your F'ed in the A.

good luck. have fun.

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Everything has been x64 (aside from Atoms) for years now. As for 32bit code on x64 systems, the only things you may have issues with is drivers for old hardware, especially printers, scanners and things of that nature. Just check everything your planning on using with this system.

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I don't really have much to add, but I will say that you probably won't even notice it's 64bit. Pretty much all 32bit apps run just fine, as VaKo said, drivers are the main issue really, and given that you're buying most/all of the parts new they should come with 64bit drivers right out of the box. Some old peripherals may have issues, but if you're not going to use any then no problem at all.

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