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HDD Encryption on a Netbook


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Hey All,

Happy New Year! I've searched through the site and couldn't find anything on this, so apologies if this has been posted and I missed it.

I'm looking for recomendations on encrypting the HDD of a netbook. I currently have a Samsung n110 and have Truecrypt installed on my other laptops and running fine. My current problem with truecrypt is that I don't own an external CD drive and don't really want to invest in one for the sake of just burning the back up CD for the encryption.

I've had a look at mounting the iso to a USB creating a virtual flash drive but that didn't seem to work very well. So i was wondering if people had any suggestions on either mounting the iso to a USB, or perhaps using a different encryption program that works without the need for the CD but a USB drive instead?

Or should I just bite the bullet and purchase an external CD burner/reader?

Any help would be appreciated, I've hunted around on google but not really found anything solid.


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What OS are your running? Does it have a TPM?

Windows XP, if i was more comfortable with linux I'd make the switch but I'm still learning so not ready for full swap just yet.

@Sparda It let me do that, create a sperate file on the desktop but wouldnt finalise set-up without being able to verify against the burnt disc. Or have i got the wrong end of the stick and not selected the right install option at the start?

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