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Open vpn access configuration


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Hey guys,

I was after a vpn solution seeing as my previous install of hamachi went tits up and only works as a mesh type network and not the gateway version I originally had planned.

I was browsing some of the old hak5 episodes and came across the one using openvpn access. I installed and did the basic configuration on my ubuntu 9.04 VM as shown in the episode.

I am yet to configure it for access through the cloud (works fine on my internal LAN) and I have a couple of questions in regards to this.

1: I believe open vpn uses port 943 for the admin and web client user interface. I also noticed that in the admin UI that you can change the client web UI to use a different port from the admin UI. Is it best practice to use a different port for the client web UI and port forward that on the router so I can download the open vpn client/connect to the vpn server?

2: The client for the VPN has me a little confused. With a standard windows vpn client connection you generally have to enter the TCP/IP address, user name and password. Yet with openvpn access it only has a box for user name and password. I was curious to know if I download the client how does open vpn know the IP address that my isp has supplied my modem router? Also my ISP IP is dynamic and was wondering if that would cause conflicts.

3: Any suggestions on securing it and locking it down would be greatly appreciated?

Please excuse any spelling mistakes or poor wording its late and I am about to pass out.

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Ok so I got it all worked out and running perfectly fine bar one thing.

I believe it has to do with routing or nat. Basically I can access the ubuntu server running open vpn from the internet while using my home isp supplied IP. I can do what ever I need to do on that ubuntu vm remotely too. My issue is I cant work out how I can access other work stations and what have you on my internal LAN from the WAN.

If anyone has set this up and its all working I am all ears.

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