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Almost working

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After reflashing and fixing some wierd settings, I've almost gotten Jasager working.

It appears that Windows Vista does not probe by default, unless the saved configuration for the access point tells it to connect when the network is not broadcasting, for APs with hidden SSIDs. Can anyone test this in Windows 7 for me, and see if it probes or not?

However, when Vista does probe (for an unsecured access point), Jasager connects the system. When Vista probes for WPA/WPA2, Vista says that the networks requirements do not match the saved profile, and refuses to connect without changing the configuration.

Any way around this?

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That sounds like correct functionality. MS introduced this as a way to avoid Karma style attacks.

For the encryption stuff I've found it depends on what supplicant you are using. I've found some custom supplicants will try to connect at whatever encryption level they are told to use but will then automatically negotiate themselves back down to unencrypted others will just keep trying to connect and failing. This looks on Jasager like there is a fault on its end but it is the client associating, checking for supported encryption, not finding it then disconnecting and trying again.

I'm not aware of any ways around this at the moment but that isn't to say it can't be done.

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