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Cherrypal Africa $99 Laptop


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After watching the episode where the Zipit was modified, I saw the Cherrypal Africa $99 laptop online and thought it may be a nice inexpensive device to mod.

It has a 400MHz processor, 256MB of RAM and a 7" screen and runs Linux or Windows CE.

Here is a link to the product page: Cherrypal Product Page

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It doesn't say on the site what wireless chipset it uses just that it's 802.11 b/g how helpful. All the power of a PDA form 1999 ;)

Most people don't know what a chipset is let alone care which one it has, I don't think it's a particularly big deal. For $99 I'm sure someone could put it to use, it's not entirely pointless, it's enough to play video, listen to music, browse the web, it could also make an overpowered digital photo frame, remote access terminal or, given a touchscreen overlay, a home automation console.

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if cherrypal can't run a website how are they to develop harware/software


why do they sell macs? and i'm assuming they mean gb instead of mb on the specs.

"image using only 2 watts of energy" lol? how did they go about calculating that

Cherrypal Bing 13.3 inch laptop (super-thin) TERRIBLE image!


absolutely no specs

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This was featured on Slashdot today.


As it turns out, they make it from random parts, the cheapest ones they can get, so you don't know what processor architecture, screen, etc. you'll end up with.

But I think it's best to leave it for those who really can't afford anything else.

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I personally find it an exciting prospect to order a $99 (netbook?) and to not know exactly which chipset, screen, keyboard, etc, that I am going to get. It would be sort of like those "stand-behind-a-piece-of-cardboard-with-a-fishing-pole-and-see-what-someone-puts-on-it-on-the-other-side" games that they have on school fairs and church games and whatnot. A grab bag sort of thing if you will. You might end up with something really fun and interesting. Then again, you might spend 99 dollars on something you can't use for much of anything.

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o we have computers at work that are 129$ that have windows ce on it. i hate them so much we didnt realize before xmas that the battery blew up after a few hrs of charging bc we take all of our batteries out and we had about the the 100 that we sold 98 of them come back

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