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PC - [S-Vid] --> [RCA] - TV?


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I plan to get another computer only if I can connect it to an old RCA [red|yellow|white] TV.

Is there any way to connect it to RCA?

I have been googleing for adapters or converter boxes since like a year ago.

I'm not sure how much money I have to put in for this, so I dont want to buy anything until I know for sure.

The video card might have an S-Vid port, or if not, then DVI; depends on board manufacturer.

Thanks for reading.

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If it has svideo then you can use an svideo to composite adapter cable (couple of bucks, if it doesn't come with the card) and an RCA male to male cable which deals with the yellow socket on the TV. The red and white must come from your sound card, for which you need a 3.5mm stereo to male RCA cable, this is the red and white. No need for any complicated converters this way. Composite, as it happens, is actually svideo crammed into a single pair of wires (signal and ground), which is why it's reasonably easy to convert.

If it's DVI, you'll need a scan converter, which is more expensive, will need its own power, and may not be the best quality in the world. I'd recommend getting a card with svideo out, it'll save you a lot of money.

Svideo male to composite RCA female:


Composite RCA male to RCA male: (Doesn't have to be yellow, as long as the plugs are the same, you can use half a red/white cable to do the same job.)


3.5mm stereo male to RCA male:


If you want to connect your sound to PC speakers or a seperate amplifyer as well as the TV, you'll want one of these too, but it's not necessary if you only need sound from the TV: (3.5mm stereo splitter or Y cable, male to dual female.)


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The black and white issue is usually a driver thing, I've had the problem myself in the past, there's settings (for example) in nVidia's control panel to switch between PAL/NTSC and S-Video/Composite output, and tweaking those (basically flipping between each setting in turn) will generally get you what you're looking for: a stable, clear, colour image.

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