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I love jasager already on the fon 2100 i have... i got it installed and i am in the process of playing around with it and will more then likely leave it go all night on the other side of my house with a bigger antenna connected to it. I have one that is a bit better then the standard one they give u for the fon going on it and so far its doing ok.... Thing is I would like to be "up to date" on the latest installation of jasager and be able to do all the nifty fun stuff i hear people doing with it. when i originally tried to just install jasager 2.1 it said... NOPE srry buddy not enough room... Here i was wondering why it wouldent install. I am kind of expecting my HIGHER pwr antenna my 12db supper cantenna here in the next few days. Any ideas on what i should do with my alfa wifi card and jasager-fon router let me know what i should try... im up for ALMOST anything @ this point now that i can go and packet capture again in promiscuous mode again. Monitor mode should be fun as soon as my cantenna arives.

quick edit:

how would i update jasager from 1.2 to 2.1 is basicly what im asking here.

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*scratches head* huh? take the file put it under the /tmp directory and then install over top? is that what ur getting @?

did that and it tosses the following out to me

root@OpenWrt:~# ipkg install /tmp/jasager_2.1-1_mips.ipk

Upgrading jasager on root from 1 to 2.1-1...

Nothing to be done

An error ocurred, return value: 28.

Collected errors:

Only have 0 available blocks on filesystem /, pkg jasager needs 399

what can i do to make it fit? also how do i do a reverse bridge.. wifi fun to lan ... cant seem to find any that are kinda dumbed down for me.

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Go to my site and grab the firmware, forget packages. Then use whatever flashing tool you use and where you specified the firmware Darren pointed you at last time use my firmware. It comes with all the stuff you need pre-installed.

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