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wifi gone insaine

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I keep on having these ideas more so now that im back out of work. I lost my job after having it for 2 and a half months :(... anyways My idea is taking jasager to the extream... I want to take 4 or more fon routers loaded up with Jasager and some sort of mesh network program and make a mass mesh network that may have the ability to reach several hundred yards from point to point. Taking advantage of this I would like to see if it would be IN THEORY possable to do a mass packet capture all leading back to the "command base" which the originating signal comes from. Doing this seems like a project darren could lead into But for now its just a thought tell probly sometime in the near future. *goes off to find a new job*

any ideas to add to this? I know because it is a mesh network i have a higher risk of packet storms being created within the network... but would it be even possible or probable?

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