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A letter to Ireland


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So I sent this into a few papers in Ireland, as I'm sick of things here in Ireland.

It's just an idea, it's far from perfect, but it felt good to write it and send it in. Any and all thoughts and comments are welcome.

An open letter to the people of Ireland.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I for one have come to the conclusion that our current system of government does not work. We have elections, and those that can't do any good get elected. This is the fault of the people for not having any real idea about the positions they elect these people too, and for allowing those who are clearly out of their depth to remain in office. I propose that this changes. I propose that democracy clearly is not working for us at this time, and just resulting in politicians getting paid to make things worse. I say we change the sort of government we have, but not to anything as far fetched as those who would march on the streets would like. I propose a meritocracy, where those that can, do.

Our current system of departments are headed up by one person, and quite often this person is not suited to it. Mary Harney for example and the Department of Health. I cannot think of two things less suited to each other. But who else would I put in charge if I had the choice? Doctors, and not just one of them. I'd put in five doctors from various positions within Ireland's healthcare system. Surgeons, GPs, Oncologists, any and every part would be considered. But why five of them? One person making all the decisions has not worked out so well for us currently, but with five people in place who know healthcare from all it's various angles, they could make a better choice. They vote internally on the issues, and come to the conclusions that way, and then implement them through the department.

This model can be applied to all departments in our government. Education, get 5 teachers and professors. Finance, get 5 stockbrokers and bankers (but none of the current crowd obviously who helped make this mess in the first place). Department of Science, get scientists. Transport, get taxi drivers, train drivers, bus drivers and the like. From all walks of life get those who know the area as they work in it, live in it, experience it on a daily basis. They know it all from the inside, unlike the current crowd who don't seem to know much about anything and just keep making things worse.

How do we get a meritocracy in place however, and who chooses all these various people to head up the departments in this fashion? That's the clincher. We've seen how the voting of the public goes, and it doesn't seem to go well. Each department would have to select the best it has internally who fulfil the role of actually working in the industry, but have an idea how the department works also. The current political parties would in effect cease to matter, as this would be done for the good of all in Ireland. But we need this to be started, people need to agree this needs to be done, and the current government would need to assist in setting it in place, and stepping down when it is done. That wont happen however. I don't see the politicians stepping down for the greater good of the people of Ireland. They are too busy enjoying their rather large paycheques and making cuts to how others live. How is €24 a week enough for a child? How is €96 a month enough in mortgage relief? In short, it's not. But that is another letter perhaps.

In short, people of Ireland, I think it's time for a change. I think it's time we change our government and how it's run to the basic outline I've proposed here. Will it ever happen? I don't know. I'd like to think it would. I'd like to think that perhaps one day in Ireland we'd not go "Such and Such is corrupt? Well of course he is, he's a politician". Where our government not only says they work for the betterment of our country, but actually do.

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Nah, you need an over-site and advisory council which is part Demarchy and part Meritocracy which takes the 2nd in command role for each department. The problem with scientists or teachers running there respective departments is they have too much vested interest in there field, which can lead to group think and lack of development. A Triumvirate is also an interesting model to look at. You often find that the people who do the job cannot be effective leaders and vice-versa, kinda like the distinction between managers and technical staff. I know many very effective technical staff who would not be any good in management roles, and do need people who can take the role of managing them in order for there technical ability to be effectively applied.

But in reality, the best thing you can do for democratic government its to use proportional representation and coalition based governments. The swiss political model is worth looking at also.

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