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Hi guys

Im currently working on tuning our schools wifi network in our city. Our security is certificate based, which only can be distributed by administrators. So far its been working ok. After a powerfailure recently it all went haywire to such depths that I dont wanna go into details about that here. Anyway, we have decided to scratch the certificate based security on our closed wifi and are looking for alternatives. MAC address based is just too much work for our overburdened admins, and password based..well.. not an option either.

So I was wondering if any of you guys happend to come up with other (free or cheap) solutions.

Any help will be appreciated

Note: Sorry for typos and stuff that doesnt make sense, our coffee machine is down and we know what that means..



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The best solution I have come across for this sort of thing is to use 802.1x with a backend radius authentication server. You will still need to give the students a certificate but this can be a public certificate as it is used to check that your servers are who they claim to be and not to prove who the client is. The client may also need to install some software depending on the OS they are using.

When everything is set up correctly they are prompted for their username and password. This removes the need for you to generate and manage student certificates and you can put the instructions on a web page and most students will do the install and set up on their own machines fine.

A doc that should give you some insight into how it all works is https://mams.melcoe.mq.edu.au/zope/mams/pub...LS.doc/download

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