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Access point Login page.


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Does anyone know if there is a tool in backtrack, or that is available for download which would allow me to run an access point where when a new user connects they get an authentication page which they must authenticate with before accessing the network. Similar to what is present in a lot of coffee shops.

This is for a PoC I am developing to show why these pages decrease network security if done incorrectly.



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I don't know about Backtrack but I've set up a Radius server with pfSense before, I simply threw it in a VM and set up a USB wifi card to it in softap mode... I forget exactly how, since I was trying to avoid hooking the card directly to the VM itself, but it involved bridging and tweaking a lot. You could probably make it a whole lot easier by running the wifi card direct from pfSense, though a VM is easier to take down and put up.

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