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pxelinux + winpe 2.0 = fail


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I am trying to get winpe v 2.0 to boot but having problems. My main reason is to get windows vista or 7 onto pc's that dont have a working cd/dvd drives like my m200 which cant boot from 99% of the dvd drives on the market.


Win xp sp3 ( i want to get it working before messing with a linux install)



Right now I know the TFTP server works correctly since I can use it to install different linux distro's just fine.

The default code to boot this part

Label winpe2
kernel tftpboot\boot\pxeboot.n12

The tutorial I had used.


The error on the client box is

Invalid or Corrupt kernel image.

Here is part of the log file that pretains to my problem

Connection received from on port 57113 [16/10 00:07:32.750]
Read request for file <tftpboot\boot\pxeboot.n12>. Mode octet [16/10 00:07:32.765]
OACK: <tsize=25772,> [16/10 00:07:32.765]
Using local port 2495 [16/10 00:07:32.765]
<tftpboot\boot\pxeboot.n12>: sent 51 blks, 25772 bytes in 0 s. 0 blk resent [16/10 00:07:32.859]
Connection received from on port 57114 [16/10 00:07:38.812]
Read request for file <menu>. Mode octet [16/10 00:07:38.812]
File <menu> : error 2 in system call CreateFile The system cannot find the file specified. [16/10 00:07:38.812]

The thing is I do not see a menu file anywhere, and the tutorial did not mention anything about a menu file.

If you need more info just let me know. I have tried this different ways and searched google but not too sure how to tackle this one.

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Well... Hate to say it but since you can boot a linux over pxe, maybe the file just is corrupt? I would definitely check for issues others have had with this.

Wait.. seems others have had this issue *with winpe*...

Try hitting f12 to get to the winpe boot menu as soon as it starts booting and see where that gets you *per thread, may or may not work*

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