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help would be nice

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to turn of bridged connection go into

control panel then network connections and delete the bridge

ps what dhcp

and also do u have msn

i have a time capsule and that is what is currently providing internet for the pineapple. The time capsule is a dhcp( server and the pineapple is running a dhcp( also, so if you connect to the ssid that the pineapple has you get a 10.0.1.X ip or and if you get the 192 address you dont have internet access.

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now every one keeps say look for help in FORUMS but i can not find shi* in the FORUMS so

please people help me with my fon/jasager

on how to use it any help would be nice thanks


Which bit are you stuck on?

Depending on what your skill level is I'd suggest watching the episode where we launched it, there is a great cartoon by Darren explaining how it all works.

Then flash a device with the latest firmware from my site, full instructions are in the wiki and on the forums. Just be aware that if you are using the firmware you don't need to install any packages or do any configuring, all that is taken care of.

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