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HighPoint 2320


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Ok, just got a raid card for a file / vmserver. I also got another hdd. Currently I have 3 x 500gb disks built into raid 5. I would like to add another disk into the array. What would I have to do. I may be over thinking it or not using the right search terms, and I am also looking through the manual again to see. Any suggestions?

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The card is quite nice, im still tyring to get the management console to work under linux and the cli is useless beyond making the card stop beeping when you remove a drive. My friend has raid 5 set up, and its on an nvidia chipset and i was pulling 100mb/s+ from his array to my raid 5. However it does run extremely hot, i mean skin boiling hot.

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I do not want to bring up my old post but just would like to add a good bit of information that I did not know. I have had quite a few problems getting this to install in various versions of linux from sles to ubuntu to debian to fedora. I found with the debian based install (buntu) if you gunzip the ko file and copy that to your /lib/modules/currentkerneldir/kernel/drivers/scsi/ then run the install script it will install. For some reason the install script is not working. I have not dug deeper but may help someone else out in installing something. Its something that just worked.

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