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Jasager Security Project


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Hey guys, just wondering what you think of an idea?

For my final year computer science project we're giving a list of projects to choose from or we can suggest an idea and see if a lecturer likes it or not.

I was thinking of doing a project on what interests me, hopefully about security & hacking, I've shown a few guys some of the things I've picked up off this forum and they've been impressed. I was thinking of going to a lecturer and seeing if i could do some testing on see how many people's laptop's / passwords could be compromised. I remember a few CS PHDs 2 years ago were asked to see if they could get students user names and passwords off students in a survey to show about how easy social engineering was. (they got 17 out of 100 I believe)

I was thinking of doing a similar idea but #1 also maybe get a fon and set up a jasager on the users that just connect straight away to the college wireless to catch students off guard, along with #2 using a few USBs to try compromise the pcs used by lecturers to show lecture notes on and then maybe install something on their usb that will infect the next pc that it is plugged into.

These projects are to happen after christmas.

I don't see difficulties with #1 dealing with students, #2 going after lecturers I could easily seen as being turned down. Lecture Notes/Exams being found / general privacy, This is all down to if I can find a lecturer who would sponsor the idea to be accepted but I was wondering on your thoughts / comments, has anyone tried anything like this in their college/Uni?

I would really like if this got accepted but I have a few other more "normal"/boring ideas if it isn't.

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