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Ubuntu 9.04 Persistent


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I've come across a wierd bug, anyone know what's wrong?

Ubuntu 9.04 Live boots fine from ISO.

Ubuntu 9.04 Persistent drops to a BusyBox shell.

The only difference is the word "persistent" in the kernel line.

I have a cleanly made casper-rw in the root of my USB.

I'll try modify the initrd scripts later.

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Maybe the casper file(s) has to be in a folder named "casper" on your root like with BT4 without editing your init scripts? And just so you know, I don't think it's the init script itself that finds and mounts the casper file system, init calls a bunch of other scripts. I plan on working on figuring out how to move around the casper folder though which shouldn't be too hard or time consuming since I've messed with Ophcrack successfully.

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So casper-rw also has to be contiguous? Thanks, running contig now, will test when its done.

Without modifying init scripts, casper-rw has to be in the root.

I think he/she/it means that if there is any error in the file system of casper-rw it won't boot. Like maybe you didn't specify a command while making it, assuming you made it.

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So casper-rw also has to be contiguous?
The contiguous part was a guess :P

Well I ran contig, and it defragged the file from 51 frags to 1, and it worked. It doesn't work on my school computers though, I'll see what I can do here.
Does Ubuntu even correctly boot on your "school" computers without persistent mode enabled?
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