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grub2 booting floppy images


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so with grub4dos i could map my floppy image(dos6.22.img) and chainload it...however

in grub2 this gives an invalid system disk error meaning it chainloads to the floppy but then fails

my grub.cfg is :

menuentry "Dos 6" {
loopback lo (hd0)/Dos6.22.img
chainloader (lo)+1


set splashimage = /b79t3ud2pf2w9nwt6.xpm.gz
set menu_color_normal    = green/black
set menu_color_highlight = red/black
set timeout = 60

this code has no effect at all..am i doing it wrong?

or is this not supported yet?

any and all help would be awesome

note: im editing the grub.cfg file located in /dev/sdb/boot/grub/grub.cfg

it was my understanding this was what the new grub config used instead of menu.lst

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Try using memdisk as the kernel (linux /memdisk), and initrd the image (initrd /myimage.img) like in Grub4DOS. I haven't tried it, but logically it should work.

i just did it and yes it works perfectly

menuentry "Dos 6" {
    linux /memdisk
        initrd /Dos6.22.img


however any tips on getting the menucolors working or maybe the background image?

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not sure about colors, but you can use PNGs, JPEGs and TGAs if you load the correct module.


insmod png
background_image /myimg.png

do you know what the image specifications have to be?

like legth and width and color count?

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