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Problems with rsync..


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So I've got this wee server going. Its crap, but it's extra storage.

Im trying to backup my linux laptop to it. Maybe not everything, but the most important stuff.

To do it, I'm using rsync, over SSH.

I've already set up ssh keys, without a phrase to make it a little easier. A bit risque, i know, but I was failing horribly trying to set up the keychain.

I somehow managed to copy my "etc" folder from my laptop to the server. I know this could have been done simply by mounting the server's HD over ssh, and copying it over, but rsync can backup stuff incrementally, backing up only the files that have been changed or added, and even deleting those than have been deleted.

But now its just now working. It tell me that it's worked, but it hasnt.

What am I doing wrong?

I'm running many variations of this;

rsync -avz -e "ssh -p 1984 root@ /backup/laptop/

Now what this should do I "pull" the "home" directory from my laptop to my server, saving the entire directory under the "/backup/laptop" directory. But it doesnt. A quick "ls -l" just shows nothing in /backup/laptop/home.

However, running the command shows a big list of the files in my /home/ directory, and even at the end tell me the upload speeds.

Any ideas? It's asthough im running it with "-n" at the end, which simulates what would be copying but doesnt actually copy.

Ive also tried the "push" technique, which lead to this same problem.

Thanks in advance.

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Solved thanks to a reply on the Arch forums.

Was a syntax problem.

Just got back to the forums so i missed this, but i've recently stumbled upon LuckyBackup. A nice GUI for rsync for lazy people like myself :)

Putting up a "Perfect Linux Server" article up soon that shows everything i setup on a fresh linux server rollout, check it :)

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Awesome miT, that sounds great!

You going to be post that up on your blog, or on the forums here?

Cheers :)

Probably both :) I've sent some detailed "How-to" articles to feedback@hak5.org to help out with segments if they come up with writers block. I'll most likely submit the "perfect server article" once it gets bashed by all the linux gurus on here that are leet3r than i.

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Lol. Sounds good.

Maybe Matt could branch off from his corporate network setup segment, and do a small one on some tips for a home server. I'm sure your articles will come in useful then :)

I actually really enjoy Matt's take on corporate networks. Prolly because I'm the senior network admin at a corporation myself, lol. I also like the fact that Darren has finally seen the light and is making the "switch". This would be a better segment for him, IMO.

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