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Switching from DD-WRT to Jasager


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Just reflash with either the Jasager or Pyranha firmware.


sorry to necrobump this thread.

but i just got a used fon2100 and it has:

dd-wrt v24-sp2 firmware installed on it.

i want to flash jaseger onto it and have some fun ;D

do i need to downgrade to the old fon firmware 0.7.1 r1

or can i just go from dd-wrt?

using these instructions (should i be using these?)


what step should i start at?

step 11? or should i try some of the others first?

thanx a lot in advance.

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have you already got ssh access to it?

you should be able to just use the Freifunk AP51 Easy Flash utility.

see: http://hak5.org/hack/wifi-pineapple-flashing-guide

power it from a wall socket and don't unplug it, it might seem to be frozen sometimes but it will be fine, use the correct files too, and you can use the mk3 software, but not mk4 (different chipset or something)

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