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Video doesn't work on the site...


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Ubuntu 9.04, Mozilla Firefox 3.0.13.

The Hak.5 video frame/applet (sorry not down with the lingo) told me I'm not running the latest version of flash so I clicked on the link and downloaded the and installed install_flash_player_10_linux.deb but I still get the same error stating I don't have the latest version installed.

When I search synaptic GUI for flash it only shows flashplugin-nonfree10.0.32.18ubuntu0. and flashplugin-installer10.0.32.18ubuntu0. Youtube and other flash websites appear to work.

Also, I am able to view the show if I download it low quality and select XviD. When I try to watch it using the default method I just get the 7 green dots constantly moving but nothing else.

How can I remedy this?


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If you have a firefox plugin like noscript installed make sure to select "temporarily allow all" or just the certain ones that if page needs to load the video. I know youtube i had to allow 2 different ones to get videos to play.

you may also do better with the flash install via ubuntus command line, should be something like

"sudo apt-get install flash.something,ect.." i forget exactly what to type in besides the sudo apt-get install, im sure someone on irc can help in #ubuntu , you can logon there with pigion

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