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Ok so i am totally lame here, not going to start using leet, but i having massive trouble with my wireless network. just bought a belkin wireless g router. However my broadband modem is usb and there is no connection port for that, just a standard network connection for it. As such i cannot set up a network properly i can use net stumbler to find the router but after that nothing. Any one got any tips or a link to somehwere i have tried google but nothing of any use.

Thanks guys i really appreciate you reading this far.

Props to the Hak.5 crew

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(Need more info but i'll assume you have DSL)

Simple option: Take it back and get a DLS router

2nd simple option: buy a DSL modem with ethernet out, linksys and D-Link do them. You could also get a cheapotastic ADSL router and just use it as a modem with the NAT turned off.

To setup your router, just cable in with ethernet, and follow the setup instructions but ignore the internet side of things until you get a compatible modem.

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Ok so here is what i ordered top image


and here is what i got


top one.

The problem i have is that my router is on the outside of my pc if you follow me, the modem comes into the pc via usb then my router is connected to my ethernet port and is not recognised.

Is there anyway round this at all?

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If overclockers had sent you the wrong thing then you need to send it back. I personally hate Overclockers as they have falsly advertised and sold me components which were not what they said they were. Although this might be more of an accident.

I'm not quite sure what you are trying to do with your router. If you have your modem plugged into your computer then you won't be using the belkin as a router.

Most people have a modem, then router, then their computers.

Most network hardware like that usually is set up to run a DHCP server by default. All you should have to do is connect your PC to one of the routers LAN ports, not its WAN port. Then wait for an IP, open up a web browser and enter the IP of the device (which is usually Then you can configure it from that.

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Your modem is an adsl modem, i'm guessing something like a speedtouch 330 or voyager 105. That makes the ADSL connection. The router should have a RJ11 port (mini-phone jack for modems) on it, which you plug your phone cable into. If it doesn't have one of those in the back, you have a cable router, which will need an additional ethernet DSL modem to work.

You could enable internet sharing, and use your computer to bridge the gap between the router and usb modem, but this is a poor solution that defeats the point of having a router.

To get the router to work, plug it in, power it up, and then plug an ethernet cable in one of the LAN ports, not the WAN/internet port. Then wait until windows says "connected: 100mps" in a tool tip.

Then go to start, click on run. A box will appear, type "cmd /k ipconfig" into the box, and hit enter. It will make a black box appear on your screen with some text in it. One of those numbers will be for the "default gateway", usually something like "".

Get this number, and type it into the address bar of your web browser and hit return. You should be prompted for the default login, which is in your manual. If you look threw the box, you should find a quick start guide with pictures explaining how to set up your router. You need to follow this before it will work.

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*notices the part numbers on overclockers matches the part numbers on belkins website*

They have sent you what you asked for, do note at the bottom of the page it says "Product images are for illustrative purposes only".

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sparda is on the money, OCUK used the wrong image and you didn't get a router with a built in DSL modem. You need to buy one of these or send it back and get the 2nd one down on the OCUK store page you linked to, or a Linksys WAG354G (about half way down the page).

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Depends on how many computers you have, and how you want to scale things really, spare routers (like old computers) are always useful if you can afford them. Personally I'd just ebay it if the store won't let you do a return on it.

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The main problem i have is that it is a dsl router

Belkin 54Mbps Wireless Cable/DSL Internet Gateway Router

why won't it just do as i ask!!!


Its a cable/dsl router, which means it uses an external device for the internet connection, be it a DSL modem or cable modem. Comaptible with both. But mostly, you buy routers with ADSL modems built in, forgoing the ethernet WAN socket which means there not compatible with cable internet a la NTL.

(i used to work for BT, had to explain this a lot)

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get the 2nd one down on the OCUK store page

Don't get that one, look for one thats both ADSL and ADSL2 compatible, prety soon (next two years i think) prety much all of England will be using ADSL2. The WAG354G is ADSL2 compatable and ADSL compatable, I surgest you get that one or this one

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You won't regret ditching it and the USB modem (most of) those damed POS things use system resources (memory processor) to work.

I'll ber you any thing if you get a ADSL modem router you'll see a nice speed up of your machine :)

Just be sure to RTM and secure it first before unleashing it onto the WWW :)

You may also need to forward some ports directly to one of your PC's if your used to doing certain things :D

Don't get frustrated though it's a learning curve and the manual/google/Hak5 (well me if I know anything that is lol) is here to help you learn :)

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