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Haker Challange


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The US Cyber Challenge is looking for 10,000 young Americans with the skills to fill the ranks of cyber security practitioners, researchers, and warriors. Some will become the top guns in cyber security. The program will nurture and develop their skills, give them access to advanced education and exercises, and where appropriate, enable them to be recognized by colleges and employers where their skills can be of the greatest value to the nation.


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i signed up... lol I wont even get through the first round.. but you can sign up as a group.. which i did..so maybe with all of our minds we can get something done..

i'm game if you want to put a team together

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yea that my info is already in the hands of the government.. so im kinda screwed anyway.. but one of the challenges is only for single people.. they advertise it as a game...

"Netwars is the latest online game: an adventure across the Internet. You can play the game as an analyst, a penetration tester, a defender, or any combination. You earn points by finding keys, moving to higher levels, capturing services such as a website, overcoming obstacles (attack techniques) and protecting resources (defensive techniques). You can see the other players' scores and your own points scored, live, or on an overall scoreboard."

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