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VMWare Virtual Machine backup strategy using VCB v1.5


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Hi All,

I'm now at the stage of creating a backup strategy for my current vSphere 4 (2x ESXi + 1x vCenter Server + 1 iSCSI SAN), but at the moment the purple arrow (which is the NBD mode backup to the backup server is running very2 slow around 243 MB/minutes according to the Backup Exec result log. (To backup 800 GB LUN it takes 55 hours.)

for the VM which has got RDM partition attach into it, i can just make it a virtual mode so that the VCB v1.5 can do the snapshot and quiesce the EXT3 Filesystem.

The reason in using the NBD mode to transfer the VM backup is that to make the backup process to run faster without encryption but it turns out to be slower that what i thought, if anyone got a better solution in using SAN mode or even HotAdd mode please share your comments and suggestion here.

Note: The network between iSCSI SAN andthe 2x ESXi servers are different subnet (see the color coding)

Blue cylinder indicates NTFS partition while the Black cylinder indicates the VMFS

any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.


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