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How to start the Start Menu or taskbar from the command prompt or exe or cpl


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I would like to know if anyone has ever started the Start Menu or Task Bar from either the command line or exe or cpl.

I found a Internet Cafe software that does not show the Task Bar or Start Menu, but I can get access to the C:\ everything. I know that i can go into the docs and settings and get to everything their but I trying to get the start menu ro re appear.



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Places with public computers will often have software like deepfreeze installed whcih (to a degree) prevents changes to the OS been permanent. Of course such software been software it is impossible to not have a flaw in it. Methods such as running another operating system for example.

I've seen other software act just like a rootkit, hiding processes and files from the user and even silently preventing processes from starting. This software makes me wonder if the computer is safe to use. If malware specifically targeted a vulnerability in the 'trusted rootkit' specifically to hide it's self... would any thing (anti virus and the like) ever find it?

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