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Injecting Video/Still frame into VNC-Connection

Blue Dragon

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Hey guys,

I was wondering weather it would be possible to inject a video or still frame into a VNC-Connection from the server-side so that it looks like the one being monitored is still working on a spread sheet while in fact he's doing something else.

I got this idea from one of many movies where the guys breaking into the bank feed a video of an empty vault to the security-guys while they are actually in the vault stealing the money.

Would it be possible to run a VNC-Server that serves a still frame or video-loop via the VNC-Protocoll so that if someone were to connect to my VNC-Server, all he would see is the still frame or video-loop?

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I have to say I could bet that (at least in linux) it could probably be done in one line in the cli.

here's an example of what I think it would probably look like

vlc output | tightvnc display0

Reason why I say this is cause I know you can UBER easily do something like this with serial connections (run linux w/out a video card installed in a tiny machine, and pipe output of the virtual 'video card' to the serial connection there by having access to the cli/gui without having to run a vlc like or ssh server.)

This tutorial seems like something you could use to create what you need:


Not exactly what your looking for but ill bet if you read up on vlc and basically just substitute whatever the output is supposed to be in this article with vlc's output, ill bet it would be exactly what your looking for. :D

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