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ICS issue

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I got Jasager v2 working, configured everything like all explained in the tutorials. I even took my other computer, connected to OpenWRT and could be able go to the internet. I shut-down my fonera and laptops. The day after, I try again and clients cannot go to the internet.

What is working

My fon comes up with IP (static IP)

Jasager webpage is up and running

My internet connection is shared and the other NIC has IP and my ISP's DNS.

My other laptop connects to openwrt and gets an IP address from

This shows it on Jasager webpage

What is not working

The client cannot go to the internet

It has the DNS adress as FON's IP address ( - is this normal?

How can I troubleshoo it further?

It was working yesterday but today it is not.

Did someone ever experience this issue?

Thank you

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check things can ping each other, fon to default gw, client to fon etc.

Check the default gateway that is being given out on a client and make sure it is correct.

Check there isn't another dhcp server giving out conflicting info.

Do things with IP not with hostname, that would eliminate DNS issue.

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ssh to the fon and check its ip address, make sure that it is one you would expect it to have, e.g. it is on your subnet and not conflicting.

Does it have the correct default gateway and can you ping other machines on the same subnet?

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Hello digininja,

I got it wokring by directly connecting it. Now I need to see what it will do.

From the fon to default GW. then client to fon. Now the client is the mark (correct)?

I can ping the mark from another client on the same subnet.



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HI digininja,

Sorry for the bad english. What I wanted to know is now that I got it working on my local lan, how do I get to the next step in testing the fon.

Because on my local lan, I'm not using ICS, because it is connected to my wired router.

I know with ICS, I'd try using the hamster, maybe I can use it locally too.

I just help getting to the next step in my training process.

Any information would be great.



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two options, either plug it into a second NIC on one of your other machines then do standard ICS so you can run your tools on that one machine

Setup the Fon to use one of your machines as a default gateway rather than the real one, that way the fon sends all traffic through the machine where you can do whatever you want to it.

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one more thing -- can you tell how blacklist & whitelist works

At the moment it might not work as all, I'm going to check it.

The idea is to say either only reply to this list of ESSID's or ignore this list. The first is white list, the second black list.

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