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IPKG Not Found

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Hello all,

I was trying to follow the stickied [install guide] & ran into a problem.

When I type ipkg install haserl_0.8.0-2_mips.ipk & ipkg install webif_0.3-10_mips.ipk,

I get the error that IPKG does not exist.

I saw in another user post that he did OPKG instead, so I tried it.

..I ended up with a blank router screen.

I setup the Fon again, so I'm back at ipkg install haserl_0.8.0-2_mips.ipk.

Is there something I need to setup 1st?

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You are on openwrt 8.09, when they moved from 7.09 they dropped ipkg and put opkg on instead.

If you used my firmware then everything is installed for you already, you don't need to install any packages.

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Your firmware?

Is this firmware the Jasager Firmware here?


I have another problem.

When I try to install Jasager, I get

root@FruitBasket:~# opkg install /tmp/jasager-2.1-1_mips.ipk

opkg: /tmp/jasager-2.1-1_mips.ipk: No such file or directory

An error ocurred, return value: 716563936.

Could not find a solution.

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opkg: /tmp/jasager-2.1-1_mips.ipk: No such file or directory

Means the file isn't there. Did you copy it over into the right place?

That link is to my firmware download, you can reflash the Fon using that instead of the normal OpenWrt firmware and then you don't have to worry about installing packages.

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